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Professional Development

We offer the expertise, resources and personalized attention to help your nonprofit organization realize its full potential. Our team also works with philanthropies to help build strong partnerships.


Strategically Leveraged Corporate Giving

Effecting Strategic Philanthropy and Change Through Leadership Development

We invite you to consider the effect on your corporate brand, the impact on your current and emerging leaders, and the added value to your corporate giving when you integrate real-world problem solving into an Action Learning curriculum as a way to further your philanthropic mission.

Harold Weinstein and Ruthellen S. Rubin, CFRE have collaborated on the development of a unique model that combines effective and proven tools of corporate team building and executive leadership development with comprehensive strategies for leveraging corporate philanthropy to truly effect positive change in our communities, locally and globally.

Harold brings 21 years of international consulting experience in business leadership. He is a published and recognized authority on the relationship between potential and performance, competency measurement, and talent management systems. Ruthellen brings sixteen years of experience in all aspects of development in the nonprofit sector. She is expert in creating sustainable models that make the best use of available resources, for both nonprofit organizations and philanthropists.

Strategically Leveraged Corporate Giving is an initiative that combines Weinstein's and Rubin's skills, experience and shared passion for nurturing talent, recognizing resources, and creating collaborations to bring about social change.

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OUR MISSION is to work with Corporate Giving Programs and Foundations to improve the lives of people around the world by solving issues of social inequity while at the same time developing and engaging a company's leaders, leveraging corporate brand and product recognition, extending the reach of corporate philanthropy and enhancing corporate citizenship.